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3 Beautiful Colorful Eye Looks To Make Your Eyes Stand Out

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Feeling daring today? It might be time to try out a dramatic and colorful eye look that enhances your natural beauty! You might have seen many bold looks gracing red carpets around the world, or you might be thinking of mimicking the famous colored liner that you see popping up on social media everywhere. Put on your favorite colorful earrings and try out these looks today:

Metallic rainbow

Who doesn’t love a good rainbow look in their eyes? This classic style can be done in many different ways, and using metallic eye shadows is the best way to keep it modern and trendy. Get some adhesive tape and place it along the corner of your eye to serve as a guide and give you a precise and defined look. Coat your lids with some eyeshadow primer, take some metallic purple shadow, and create a base. Place some hot pink in the crease, and highlight the center of the lid, as well as the inner corner, with some copper.

Put on some wing eyeliner and false lashes, and make sure that you dust some color over your bottom lid as well.

Rocker makeup

A nice, edgy look can work wonders to make you look unique while helping your eyes stand out. Embrace this classic 80s trend by lining your eyes with kohl, patting on some black eye shadow, and blending your heart out. The main trick to making this look appear flattering is to make sure that the edges are clean and that there’s a noticeable gradient in the color as it spreads outwards. Light things up by applying some silver highlight to your inner corner, and watch people fall in love with your seductive eyes.  

Winged eyeliner

Winged eyeliner is one of the most popular looks that almost everyone has tried out at some point in their lives, but what about colored eyeliner? Create a base with white eyeliner and pat on some colored eyeshadow in your favorite shade to create a dramatic and bold look.

A makeup pallet

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