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Everything You Need to Know About T-Shirts—Fits, Necks, Decorations, and Lengths

Decorations and T-Shirt Lengths

T-shirts are a necessary part of everyone’s closet. Pair them with straight-leg jeans and a structured blazer, tuck them in wide-leg pants, or wear an oversized t-shirt as a dress with a corset belt. There are endless possibilities for styling your outfits using T-shirts. They are even a staple wardrobe essential for every minimalist.  

But there’s more to T-shirts than a regular crew neck or a standard color like black and plain white. If you want to make a fashion statement with your T-shirts, you need to learn about the different fit types, necklines, decorating and design ideas, and lengths of T-shirts.

T-Shirt Fit Guide

You can style a T-shirt casually or formally by selecting the perfect fit for the occasion. T-shirts are versatile clothing items, but you need to understand different fits so that you can take your outfits to the next level.

Slim Fit

Slim-fit T-shirts are tighter and narrower than other types of T-shirt fits. They offer a slimmer appearance on your torso as compared to baggy or regular-fit T-shirts and hug your body, thus contouring its shape. Slim-fit T-shirts typically have fitted and shorter sleeves, which makes them perfect for guys with a lean body so that they can appear slimmer and also show off their physique.

Regular Fit

Regular-fit T-shirts are the most comfortable and common type of T-shirt. They are usually the go-to T-shirt fit that most people prefer. Regular-fit T-shirts are not too tight and not too loose and have sleeves that neither ride up your biceps nor reach your sleeves.

Regular-fit T-shirts give a causal look to your outfits. If you want to wear something comfortable for a night out with friends, grocery shopping, or lounging at home, regular-fit T-shirts will give you that laid-back and relaxed appearance.

However, if you are someone with a highly slim or muscular physique, then regular T-shirts should be swapped for slim fit or muscle-fit T-shirts.

Muscle Fit

Muscle-fit T-shirts are also tighter like slim-fit T-shirts, but where slim-fit T-shirts have narrower sleeves that show off those biceps, muscle-fit T-shirts will offer you more room on those muscular arms and shoulders and hug the chest and waist.

These kinds of T-shirts are perfect for emphasizing the contour of the body and its muscularity, and these T-shirts are popular choices of clothing among weightlifters and bodybuilders.

Baggy Fit

Baggy Fit T-shirts offer a loose grip on the chest, waist, arms, and shoulders. These are roomy T-shirts for casual looks, and you can wear them as loungewear or informal events with slim-fit jeans or pajama pants.

Baggy-fit T-shirts are most popular among college students who want to keep them light and comfortable when rushing to get ready in the morning. Pair them with jeans and sneakers, or wear them over a tank top. These T-shirts offer many options to style them. However, the baggy fit is not suitable for formal occasions.

T-Shirt Neckline Types

Now you must wonder, are necklines really that important to choose carefully? The answer is yes. Some people have long necks. Some have shorter. Some necklines offer a feminine look. Others draw attention to your body shape.

Here are the 5 most common and important T-shirt necklines you must be familiar with.

Crew Neck

Crew neck T-shirts have a round, circular neck, offering great flexibility, fit, and comfort to your body. Crew necks offer a more casual look than other types of necklines, like a V-neck. They look good on people with narrower faces and sloped shoulders.


V-neck T-shirts are also a formal choice but appear classier and put together than a regular crew neckline. V necklines point the attention towards the shoulders and waist. Women with bigger busts can combine a V-neck T-shirt with a wrap style.

Check out this cool graphic T-shirt with a V-neckline at Serenity Trends.

Scoop Neck

Scoop necklines are wider and lower than crew necklines. These T-shirts are lower, u-shaped, and show more collarbone. These types of T-shirt necklines are suitable for people with an athletic or petite body shape or those who have a smaller bust.  

Deep V Neckline

Deep V necks are a bolder version of V necklines. They elongate the torso of a person and make them appear taller than they are. These necklines are suitable for people with rounder faces, making them appear more angular.

Bateau, or Boat Neck

These necklines are wide and run horizontally across the collarbone on the front and back towards the shoulder. These necklines are most commonly used in sweaters or knitwear, but they also look classy in a T-shirt.

T-Shirt Decoration Ideas

T-shirts allow you to be creative and unique with your style statement. There are many ways you can decorate an old T-shirt or revamp a T-shirt in your wardrobe. The possibilities to decorate your T-shirts are endless.

Use a T-Shirt Patch, and Add Tassels on Its Lower Border

You can use an applique patch to decorate any T short. Simply iron the patch over your T-shirt on the left or center chest area. The heat sealant at the back with adhere to your T-shirt. Then you can sew matching tassels at the lower border of your T-shirt applique patch, and Voila! You have a brand new T-shirt design to flaunt.

Serenity Trends offer a wide selection of durable and high-quality patch applique for clothes. You can browse all of them by clicking here.

Grab Some Fabric Paints, and Paint Away!

You can never be creative enough to decorate your T-shirts when it comes to fabric paints. Add your artwork or an illustration to a part of your T-shirt, like the neckline, breast pocket, sleeves, or hem.

Add Embroidery

Show off your embroidery or cross-stitching skills by experimenting with different designs and colors on any plain T-shirt. For example, you can write a quote like “I am, I am, I am” with a heart embroidered below and show the world how much you love Sylvia Plath.

Use Rhinestones

Grab some fabric glue and rhinestones and create any design you like on a plain T-shirt. It will instantly transform the look of a casual T-shirt into something you can wear to a party.

Use Enamel Pins

Serenity Trends have a variety of brooches and pins that you can use to decorate your T-shirts. Adorn your T-shirts with enamel pins to reflect your personal style or support a particular cause like BLM.

How to Measure T-Shirt Length?

Measuring T-shirts is important to ensure that the T-shirt you are buying in a store or online is the perfect fit for your body shape. You can measure your body to understand which T-shirt style and size will suit you best, or you can follow the following steps to measure a T-shirt.

  1. Lay down your T-shirt on a flat and hard surface.
  2. Smooth out any wrinkles on the T-shirt.
  3. Measure from the mid of the neckline towards the shoulder end, where the sleeve starts.
  4. Then measure from one should to the other shoulder.
  5. Then place the measuring tape under the arms to measure the chest.
  6. Measure the waist area.
  7. Measure the hem from one end to another.
  8. You can measure the sleeves from their middle portion when it is lying flat on the surface.

Ensure that you are not taking these measurements when the T-shirt is hanging or isn’t lying on a smooth surface. Use a flexible tape that measures 36” at least so that you do not end up with inaccurate measurements.

It is better to measure twice to get more specific and accurate readings.

What Are Some Cute Ways to Wear a T-Shirt?

Who says that you can only wear a T-shirt as it is? You will be surprised to know how many different ways there are to style an ordinary T-shirt. Here are some of our favorite ways to revamp a T-shirt into an elegant outfit.

Wear It Underneath a Blazer

Wear a regular-fit T-shirt and then throw on an oversized or fitted blazer to achieve that perfect casual business attire. It is a great way to wear a comfortable piece of clothing but also makes it formal enough to attend a meeting or similar events.

Turn It Into a Crop Top

Tie the hem of your T-shirt and then tuck it inside to achieve a laid-back and classy crop top style. You can then pair your newly stylized T-shirt with high waist straight-leg jeans and some bold jewelry items to create a perfect spring or summertime outfit.

Wear It With Wide-Legged Jeans

The T-shirts look amazing with wide-legged jeans. You can pair a graphic T-shirt with denim pants or wide-legged trousers to create a sophisticated but comfortable outfit. Grab a tote bag, and you’re all set to swoon others with your fashion-forward fit.

Use a Statement Belt

Baggy T-shirts look great as dresses. You can use a Flower Embroidered Statement Belt from Serenity Trends to alleviate the look of your T-shirt and give it more definition and structure.

Or Better, a Bohemian Belt!

Teens and many adults love bohemian-style fashion items. You can use a Bohemian Belt from Serenity Trends, as it is stylish and practical and will give a definition to your body shape. You can wear them with a T-shirt and straight pants, or wear them around your waist when wearing a baggy T-shirt as a dress.

Use a Scarf

You can wear a scarf with a fitted or slim T-shirt. Put a Solid Blanket Scarf around your neck with frayed edges, as it will add some additional style to a normal T-shirt. Ensure that you are picking complementary colors for the scarf and T-shirt so that they look good together.

Serenity Trends Offer Many Unique Designs and Fits of T-Shirts for Men, Women, and Kids

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