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Get The Best No-Heat Curls In These 4 Ways


We all know that one friend who loves giving everyone curls in their hair, but did you know your hair experiences significant damage from straighteners, blow dryers, and other heat appliances? That’s why we’ve put together this list to show you how you can get no-heat curls with minimal effort right at home.

Here are four ways to get no-heat curls that last the entire day.

1. Braiding

One way of getting overnight no heat curls is by braiding your hair and covering it before going to sleep. To get the curls, you’ll need to first dampen your hair a little and then start to braid it before covering it with a scarf to go to bed.

When you wake up in the morning, you’ll need to open the curls ever so slightly to reveal the voluminous curls you’ve gotten.

2. Scrunching

Another way to get no heat curls on the go is to scrunch up your hair a couple of times while it’s got a curl-enhancing product applied to it. Incorporate some hair gel or mousse to set your desired curls in place. Make sure you keep the gel or mousse away from your scalp, as that might make your hair seem unnecessarily oily.

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3. Ponytail Method

Have you ever tried curling your hair through the ponytail method? If you haven’t, you certainly are missing out. This method of getting no heat curls is perhaps the quickest as it doesn’t require a lot of prep. Bring your hair up to a pony while damp and wrap sections of your hair around the scrunchie you’ve used.

Once you leave this overnight, your hair will have been set by morning in a classic yet casual bun.

4. Straw Method

For tighter curls that have the most bounce, you might want to strap in and try the straw method. This is yet another method of achieving no heat curls but requires the use of straws and bobby pins. Pull individual strands of hair into the straws and pin them in place overnight. This will give you bouncy curls the moment you wake up and take out the straws.

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