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How To Help Your Child Keep Track Of Their Keys

A key in a door

After they’ve reached a certain age, your children can get home from school by themselves, without having to have you around to take care of time. When this time comes, it’s important to teach them how to take care of the house key. Losing the house keys can be stressful for you and your child, especially if they can’t contact you until you get home.

From attaching the keys to the inside of their backpack to getting a portrait keychain wristlet, here’s how you can prevent your child’s keys from getting lost:

Attach the keys to their bag

A lot of backpacks now come with a built-in key holder that’s attached to the front pouch. If you believe your child is responsible enough with their backpack, you can attach the keys directly to prevent them from getting lost. Make sure that your child understands that the keys aren’t supposed to be removed from their designated spot.

If the position of the keys makes it difficult to unlock the door, you can get a retractable cord to attach to the keys instead.

Give your child a lanyard

Lanyards are usually very safe places for keys if your child doesn’t take theirs off. Hang a key organizer near your home’s front door so your child can keep the lanyard in one spot, and remember to take it with them every time they leave the house.

Get a specialized phone case

Kids love their phones, and they’re much more likely to be careful with their phones as opposed to their keys. You can buy your child a specialized phone case with a key pouch attached to it so that they can keep their keys on hand no matter where they go.

Buy a keychain wristlet

Like a lanyard, keychain wristlets are safe for your child to keep their keys on hand, and you can even make them more stylish by getting fun designs and prints!

A face keychain wristlet

Looking for something to help you with your child’s keys?

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