How to Improve Your Skin and Haircare Routine

The benefits of proper skin and hair care are immeasurable. Irrespective of your gender identity or cultural background, taking care of your hair and skin is a core aspect of looking your best. It’s great if you’ve already got a skin and haircare routine in place, but there’s always room for improvement!

With this in mind, here are 3 ways to improve your skin and haircare routine using our recommended beauty products.

1. Exfoliate Your Pores Using a Blackhead Remover

When it comes to facial care, your nose is (literally) the center of attention! That’s why it’s vital to remove blackheads on your nose by exfoliating the pores regularly.

Regular exfoliation prevents acne, lowers the chances of inflammation, and improves the tone/texture of your nose. We recommend using an electric blackhead remover once a week to care for the skin on and around your nose. For best results, wash your face with a pH-balanced, organic cleanser afterward and apply a moisturizer to keep the skin supple.

2. Use a Strengthening Hair Conditioner

The benefits of hair conditioners are widely understood—but which one’s worth using? We recommend opting for a strengthening hair conditioner that contains ingredients known to boost hair strength, such as keratin (a protein naturally found in our hair that boosts elasticity and makes our hair strong).

Simply apply the conditioner to your hair 3-4 times per week and leave it in for a few minutes before washing it out. Remember to shampoo and rinse your hair thoroughly beforehand and massage the conditioner into the roots of your hair for optimal results.

3. Prevent Fluid Buildup in Your Face with a Gua Sha Stone

Gua Sha stones are our favorite traditional Chinese remedy for facial skincare! They’re typically made by cutting naturally cool stones like jade and quartz into heart shapes and are used to improve blood flow in the face. They also help with getting rid of fluids built up in the lymph nodes on either side of your nose.

We recommend using a face cleanser to remove dirt and debris before using the Gua Sha stone. It’s also important to keep the stone clean to prevent impurities from being massaged into your skin during use.

A bottle of Lumin keratin strengthening hair conditioner

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