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Personalize Your Luggage In These 3 Ways

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Let’s be honest, misplaced or lost luggage can be a real headache to deal with, even if you do end up getting your belongings in the end. Flying with a distinctive suitcase can dramatically lower your chances of lost, misappropriated, or misplaced luggage. You’ll be able to find your bag on the belt much quicker, and it might even discourage thieves from sneaking off with your belongings. Best of all? You’ll be able to show off your incredible sense of style and unique personality wherever you go!

From using a pin-up girl luggage tag to getting unique patches, here’s how you can personalize your luggage:

Let out your inner artist

There’s a lot that you can do with a little bit of spray paint or fabric paint to make your luggage more distinctive and unique. Nobody likes boring, bland suitcases that look just like everyone else’s! Go to a local crafts store and stock up on some fun paints and glitter and let your creativity shine through. If you tend to love traveling to tropical areas, you can try painting some beautiful flowers, trees, or even your favorite animals on the surface. If you’re thinking of using spray paint on your hard shell luggage, get some stencils to make sure that you get a clean and crisp design.

Patch it up

Patches are fun, colorful, and easily available! Whether you have a favorite band whose logo you want to show off or a favorite cartoon character whose personality appeals to you, just get some relevant fabric patches and sew them onto your soft shell luggage. If you aren’t very adept at sewing, you can also attach them with safety pins.

Get a unique luggage tag

Instead of attaching the standard paper luggage tags that your airline attaches to your bags, go for something big, bold, and colorful, such as a character luggage tag. You’ll be able to identify your belongings no matter where they go, and it’ll make for a good laugh every time you see your silly characters or designs staring up at you.

A hot woman luggage tag

We’ll help you personalize your luggage

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