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Whether you plan a picnic in the park, go on a road trip, or a day at the beach, our portable and waterproof picnic blanket will definitely come in handy.
Use it everywhere

Made of thick recycled polyester, this picnic blanket is comfortable to use anywhere from grass, sand, and campgrounds, to any other natural surface.


With a waterproof PEVA backing on the underside, our blanket is also perfect to place on wet grass and on the beach.

Portable for on the go

Smartly designed with a convenient eco-leather carrying strap, this blanket is easily portable when traveling.

No more mess

When rolled up and stored in the belt, our picnic blanket takes up minimal space in your car, trunk, or travel luggage.

Clever design

Beige colored recycled polyester and brown eco-leather belt with metal buckles look cute and minimalistic – outdoors and in your car.

Product Details
Large yet portable
This blanket is the ideal size for family picnics – its size is enough to fit up to 4 adults and a food basket. When it’s time to go, just roll the blanket up, strap the belt closed, and get moving!
Beige Picnic Blanket Size
Enhanced Outdoor Comfort
Our waterproof picnic and camping blanket features a PEVA backing, making it ideal for use on damp grass and sandy beaches.
Effortless Storage
Roll up and secure our picnic blanket with the built-in belt, saving valuable space in your car, trunk, or travel luggage.
Chic & Functional Design
Our picnic blanket boasts a clever aesthetic with beige recycled polyester and a brown eco-leather belt featuring metal buckles, adding a touch of minimalistic charm both outdoors and in your car.
What makes Owleys better?
  Average Picnic Blanket
Waterproof Backing
Stylish Design
Versatile Use
Durable Build
Eco-Friendly Material
Premium Quality
Is this blanket machine washable?

Yes, it can be machine washed and dried.

Can I use this blanket on the beach? Does it heat up in hot temperatures?

No, made of recycled polyester, this picnic blanket does not get hot in the heat and is comfortable to lie on the sand.

Will it fly away in the wind?

No, it’s lightweight but heavy enough to stay in place in the wind.

(36 reviews)
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Verified Buyer
Elijah Clark

This blanket has been a great addition to our family picnics and camping trips. It's durable and the material is easy to clean and dries quickly, which is a big plus for us as we have young children. What I love the most about this blanket is its size. It's big enough to comfortably fit our family of five, yet compact enough when folded to not take up too much space in our travel bag. We've even used it as a makeshift tent for the kids on a sunny day at the beach! Highly recommend this blanket to any outdoor enthusiasts.

Verified Buyer
Sophia Anderson

the blanket is portable, folds up neatly, and is spacious enough for a small group.But for me,it's a bit thin. It's fine for a summer picnic or beach day, but in colder weather, it doesn't provide much warmth. If you're looking for a basic picnic blanket, this will do the trick.

Verified Buyer
Ava Baker

Absolutely took my picnic date game to the next level; women think I've got my life together when I whip this thing out for some drinks in the park. This blanket's quality and design make such a strong impression that by the time they realize my illusion of sophistication is all smoke and mirrors, they're already too emotionally invested to care! Can't recommend this product enough! ... but also, great quality, smart design, deceivingly light weight, impressive value.

Verified Buyer
Logan Young

I bought this to put in my trunk just in case of need...so far we've used it 3 times now. I like to take the kids out and do different things, and having this has been awesome. It's large enough, folds well enough to not take up much space, and nice to have it around for the unexpected times I find myself in grass lol. Worth the investment.

Verified Buyer
Mia Thompson

I've taken this blanket to the beach and park several times now, and each time I've been grateful for this large blanket. It comfortably fits 4 people sitting, or 2-3 people if you want to lay down. It is so easy to put away, simply roll it up and use the belt strap to buckle it tight, and it's easy to clean as well. Amazing blanket for the price!

Verified Buyer
Mason Lewis

I love how easy it is to store and convenient it is to use

Verified Buyer
Harper Hall

We bought this picnic blanket for a weekend camping trip with friends and we were pleasantly surprised with its quality! The material is soft and comfortable, and all the dirt and sand were easy to shake off. Plus, it's handy to fold up and carry with a belt! So I would definitely recommend this blanket to anyone looking for one!

Verified Buyer
Ethan Turner

the blanket is ok but not outstanding. it gets the job done and is a nice size for a small group and the waterproof backing is a nice feature, but it did seem to gather dirt and debris easily, making it a bit difficult to clean

Verified Buyer
Isabella Young

This picnic blanket has been one of the best things I have purchased this year. Not only is it pretty looking but it is also quite sizeable and easy to fold and carry around. I find that other picnic blankets tend to be too bulky and difficult to pack. Overall great quality. Highly recommend this product especially if you are planning picnics over the spring and summer!

Verified Buyer
Jackson Walker

I bought this blanket to use outside with my baby, so we can enjoy the beautiful weather. This blanket is great! Very durable. Would be also great for the beach!

Verified Buyer
Sophia Garcia

I absolutely love this blanket! It's the perfect size for my family of four and is very easy to pack up and take with us on our outdoor trips. The design is also very cute

Verified Buyer
Liam Moore

I recently purchased this Owleys picnic blanket and I'm overall pleased with my purchase. The blanket is lightweight and easy to carry to the park or beach. It is also large enough to fit two-three people comfortably. My only complaint is that the blanket is a bit thin, so I recommend bringing an extra layer if you plan on sitting on it for a long period of time.

Verified Buyer
Olivia Adams

We have taken this picnic blanket to many places. It’s easy to roll up and store and is easily cleanable.

Verified Buyer
Noah Carter

So easy to wash and transport. We’ve used it for anything and everything from the beach to football games. I washed in cold water and hung it to dry and it’s still like new. The handle is also a really cute touch.

Verified Buyer
Emma Rivera

nice outdoor blanket:) took it with us when we went to the beach - it's comfy and the sand is not felt through. when going home we just brushed off the sand and there was no moisture left on the blanket + the color is super cute! i'm 100% satisfied!

Verified Buyer
Aiden Perez

Great picnic blanket! Well sewn, comfortable for the seat,and I love the color! 💛

Verified Buyer
Ava Martinez

This was so much better than I expected. It’s thin but I’m okay with that because who wants to carry a thick blanket to the park? It’s a really good size will easily fit me, my boyfriend and my dog. I’m really happy with my purchase and can’t wait to go to the park 😁

Verified Buyer
Lucas Brown

I bought this foldup blanket to replace the one we've been using for the past 20 years. I really enjoy that it has it's own carrying straps and that it fold up so easily. We've been able to enjoy using it both at the park and at the beach for picnics and for sitting on. It's easy to clean off and it comfortable to sit on.

Verified Buyer
Mia Davis

Great buy and a great sized blanket to be used for picnics, reading on the lawn, attending ball games.

Verified Buyer
Elijah Williams

Easy to clean. We’ve used it for the beach, camping, and yard at home. So sturdy

Verified Buyer
Harper Moore

I love this picnic blanket. Good quality, very cute and a good size. It's always in my car and I take it everywhere. It goes with me and my daughter to the park every weekend and also goes with us whenever we go to the beach. We left it at the beach so i had to buy the exact same one again, that's how much I love it. I recommend this product a lot.

Verified Buyer
Mason Johnson

If you look for some blanket that is cute and Comfortable, here it is. It’s easy to carry and very useful . At least 4 people can use it easily .

Verified Buyer
Emma Martinez

I used it at a festival. It’s a nice quality fabric. 4 adults sat on it, but I would recommend no more than 2 or 3 for comfortability. I will reuse it again for other events. It’s pretty easy to roll up as well. Very convenient handling.

Verified Buyer
Noah Smith

Love this cute picnic blanket. It’s large, folds up/rolls up easily and I love the straps for containing and transporting the blanket. This blanket is a great addition to our summer picnic adventures.

Verified Buyer
Olivia Thomas

Just got it in today and we love it! So soft and cozy, comes with a carrying strap to keep it tidy and to make carrying easier. Can't wait to use it!

Verified Buyer
Liam Garcia

Could not have asked for anything better. It is very easy to use, super cute and easy to brush grass off after picnic. I gave this as a gift to my best friend and she absolutely loved it

Verified Buyer
Emily Johnson

I was waiting to review it once I actually got to use it but I forgot it on my recent trip! So here’s what I can say: I bought it for three adults to sit on and I’m sure it’s big enough. It folds rather easy if you can remember how it was unfolded. I’ll come back and edit my review if anything should change but overall I’m satisfied with the price and item.

Verified Buyer
Michael Smith

I thought I was being a little ridiculous buying this cute picnic mat but I use it ALL the time and it’s so nice and soft, everyone happily migrates over to it, perfect at the picnic and the beach, I just leave it in the trunk. and it’s so cute, especially with the little strap!

Verified Buyer
Sophia Williams

I ordered this blanket for my beach trips. After two weeks of use, I can say this one is actually comfortable on the sand. Has a waterproof treatment on one side. Thank you

Verified Buyer
Jacob Brown

Really good quality. After two washes, the color has not changed. Great gift for nature lovers - I just got one more for my daughter :)

Verified Buyer
Olivia Davis

The blanket is lightweight and takes up little space in the car or in a bag. It was the main point for me since I was tired of carrying a heavy terry towel to the beach. The quality of both blanket and carrying strap is good. But I would like more colors to choose from.

Verified Buyer
Ethan Jones

I bought it especially for our family picnics. My husband, two kids, me, food and drinks easily fit on the blanket! Thank you!

Verified Buyer
Ava Miller

this is a very soft and cute blanket! includes leather carrying strap. big size. the price 100% corresponds to the quality

Verified Buyer
Noah Anderson

Great blanket, quality materials. Nice beige color. Made a photo shoot at a picnic with it and got super cute pics :)

Verified Buyer
Isabella Martinez

The blanket is great and compact. Love that it's easy to fold and lightweight. Great for picnic, or just lounging on in the park, or camping.

Verified Buyer
Liam Taylor

We use this at the beach and for picnics elsewhere

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