4 Great Ways to Dress Up Hoodies

We all love a good hoodie! This ultra-comfy wardrobe staple comes in an array of designs and is worn by chic celebs and college kids alike. But how do you dress up an article of clothing that’s designed to be no frills and super casual?

Here are 4 ways to dress up hoodies that’ll take you from laidback to luxe in no time.

1. Pair Your Hoodie with Slacks and Oxfords

Gents—this one’s for you. If you’re looking to integrate your hoodie into a formal outfit, consider wearing it with a pair of slacks and oxfords. We recommend all-black slacks and oxfords, as this combination will draw attention to your top and give your look a sophisticated touch!

With that said, black oxfords and slacks represent the safe route; If you’re feeling adventurous, consider other formal shoes in other quintessential formal colors like tan suede chukka or brown Chelsea boots. A good tip is to match the hoodie tone with your shoe color—so if you’re going for a dark hoodie, black or dark brown shoes will match. Conversely, a light hoodie will go great with tan shoes.

2. Choose a Hoodie That Fits Snuggly

Baggie hoodies are for Netflix and chill sessions; Snug ones are for seizing the day. Adopt this mantra, and you’ll be dressing up your hoodies in no time!

We recommend carefully assessing the fit and shape of the hoodie—particularly around the shoulders and arms. Hoodies with snug armholes, well-fitted shoulders, and sleeves that sit just right are sure to make you look polished.

3. Pair Your Hoodies With Elegant Accessories & Jewelry

Ladies, are you ready to go casual-chic? The secret is to wear statement jewelry like a gorgeous necklace or pair of dazzling earrings with your hoodie. Once you’ve nailed the combo, pair the look with a tied-up hairstyle and simple yet sophisticated makeup to look classy and drop-dead fabulous!

4. Layer On Top of the Hoodie

Who says you can’t layer with hoodies? Layering other pieces of clothing on top of your hoodie is a great way to dress it up.

Our favorite get-up is the classic denim jacket and hoodie combo—perfect for that urban yet formal look. Alternatively, try a blazer on top of the hoodie, or wear a plaid shirt underneath a neutral-tone zip hoodie for a splash of color.

A person wearing a black hoodie

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