4 Great Ways to Wear Women’s Tank Tops 

Tank tops are so much more than a casual must-have. With the right layers and accessories, you can turn this humble article of clothing into the centerpiece of an outfit that’ll turn heads wherever you go!

Whether you’re dressing up for a night out or dressing down before heading for a run, here are some of the best ways to wear women’s tank tops.

1. Beneath a Jacket

Tank tops under jackets are the ideal layering combo. The trick is to choose a jacket that complements the fabric, color, and design of the tank top.

For example, if you’re going for a smart casual vibe, consider a corduroy jacket with a simple cotton tank top, well-fitted jeans, and a pair of box-fresh sneakers. Denim jackets are also a tank top’s best friend if you match the colors—dark denim jackets go well with a white tank top, while light denim jackets suit a darker-colored tank top like navy or army green.

2. With Leggings and a Hat

If you’re ready to let your figure do the talking, it’s time to break out the tank top and leggings look! This is a great way to wear a tank top, whether you’re going out on the town or for a run.

If you’re wearing a light-colored tank top like white or light grey, consider a dark-colored hat, black leggings, heels, and a statement hat like this gorgeous look by Chrissy Teigen.

3. Under a Cardigan

Cardigans and tank tops are very librarian-chic—but who says that’s a bad thing? The trick is to elevate this classic look with an attractive hairstyle and accessories that take your outfit up a notch.

For instance, try clipping your hair up with a fancy claw and pair a burgundy cardigan with a white tank top and hoop earrings. Pop on a crimson lipstick shade and a pair of sunglasses with this look, and you’re sure to be complimented wherever you go!

4. With High-Waist Jeans and Statement Jewelry

Bold jewelry can take a high-waist-jeans-with-tank-tops look to the next level. We recommend sticking with light colors, such as light denim jeans with a pastel olive tank top and keeping the focus on your neck or ears. A pair of statement earrings or a multi-layer necklace with this outfit will have you looking drop-dead gorgeous!

A white tank top

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