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Top 3 Spring Layering Tricks to Get You Through the Season

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Did you know spring temperatures vary from 69°F all the way down to 25°F depending on where you are in the country? The weather’s pretty cold in most parts of the US during this season, so it’s vital to know how to layer your clothes and stay warm.

With this in mind, here are 3 useful spring layering tricks that involve everything from hoodies to t-shirts to help you look classy while keeping the chills at bay.

1. Blazers and Sweatshirts

Pairing a sweatshirt with a blazer is the ideal spring layering trick for cold weather. This combo brings about the perfect smart casual look that you can wear to office parties and picnics alike.

One of the best aspects of this look is versatility; If it’s freezing cold where you are, consider a fleece sweatshirt with a heavy blazer for maximum warmth. On the other hand, if you’re in a state like Florida, where the spring weather’s mild, go for a sports jacket and a cotton sweatshirt.

Once you’ve nailed the combination of materials, think about the colors/designs. We recommend going for a contrast—something like a white sweatshirt with a navy blazer or a dark brown sweatshirt with a tan blazer works wonders!

2. Jackets and Hoodies

If you pull off the jacket and hoodie combo, you’ll be a style king/queen forever! One of the most common combinations is a denim jacket with a hoodie—but why restrict yourself to trends? As long as the colors complement one another, you’ll look fabulous and shut out the cold with this spring layering trick.

It’s also worth thinking about layering jackets and hoodies made of contrasting materials. Some of our favorite combinations are cotton hoodies with nylon down jackets and fleece hoodies with leather jackets.

3. Cardigans and Tank Tops

Cardigans and tank tops are ideal if it’s the sort of day where it’s hot in the sun and cold in the shade. The functionality of this spring layering trick speaks for itself—take off the cardigan to bathe in the sunshine in your tank top, or pop the cardigan on if the cold begins to affect your arms and neck.

Our favorite way to pull off this spring layering trick is with a plain cardigan and a tank top featuring creative graphics.

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