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4 Ways To Easily Identify Your Luggage In A Crowded Airport

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Imagine this scenario—you painstakingly planned your trip to go to your dream destination and arrived at the airport after a long flight. You join the line of travelers waiting for your luggage to appear and watch the crowd disperse while trying to find your bag with its luggage tag. Instead of wasting so much of your precious time and energy searching for the right bag and risking it getting taken by a stranger, why not make your luggage more identifiable?

Here’s how you can identify your luggage easily:

Use duct tape

Have you ever heard of an avid traveler who doesn’t keep some duct tape on hand? Take some colorful duct tape and wrap the handle or sides of your luggage with this bright color. You can also place a few pieces across the front of your suitcase or wrap the whole thing around your bag. It’s an inexpensive and quick solution for identifying your bag from miles away!

Apply travel stickers

Travel stickers are great for identifying your belongings. Collect different stickers from your journeys and apply them to your suitcase or bag as a reminder of all the places you’ve already visited. You can also find some stickers online to check off all the places you’re planning on going in the future! This method only works for suitcases with a hard shell, so keep that in mind before investing.

Get unique pieces of luggage

One way you can be sure that no one would mistakenly take your luggage is to buy something so outrageous that it stands out from all the rest! Instead of purchasing the usual black or brown bags, get a unique color or design that shows off your personality.

Get a cute luggage tag

One of the best ways to identify your luggage easily is to personalize your luggage by attaching a luggage tag that has our favorite image or quote on top of it. This will add a whole new level of personality to your bag and make it much easier to identify in a crowded airport.

If you’re a frequent flier, you might want to invest in many different tags so that you can change them according to your destination or mood.

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