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All You Need To Know About Wearing Rings—How Many, What Fingers, And More

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When it comes to fashion, there isn’t usually a right or wrong answer to many questions, such as how many rings should you wear to a certain event? Generally, it’s safest to stick to 2-3 rings shared between both your hands; however, it depends on the style of the rings, as well as the type of look that you’re going for.

Here’s a complete ring-wearing guide to help you out:

Different ring styles

There are many different styles of rings out there; some of these include:

Cocktail rings

These are meant to grab attention and make a statement. These are perfect for wearing to club parties and other formal occasions. You can pair these with some statement earrings, but it’s best not to overdo things by wearing bracelets as well.

Cluster ring

This ring features a tiny cluster of small stones that aren’t always placed in a round shape. These rings are great for a girl’s night out or a small, formal gathering.

Halo ring

Halo rings have a center stone that is placed inside a bezel that’s surrounded by smaller stones. It’s a statement ring that’s great for formal occasions and cocktail parties.

Simple band

These practical and versatile rings are perfect for almost every occasion. However, try going for a delicate band that has a channel setting if you’re going to a more formal occasion.

Geometric ring

Geometric rings provide a creative and contemporary look that’s best paired with a simpler outfit that appears cool and trendy. Balance your rings with other jewelry instead of focusing everything on your hands.

Solitaire ring

These rings have a center stone in a bezel or prong setting. While they’re amazing for all kinds of occasions, they’re best paired with a strapless, delicate dress to act as a focal point of the outfit.

Three-stone ring

These rings have a center stone that’s placed between smaller stones on either side. It’s much less subtle than a solitaire, but wearing it in both informal and formal settings is okay. Make sure that the ring is proportionate to your hands—wear a larger ring if you have larger hands, and vice versa.

A ring with a pink jewel

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