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What Lens Color Should You Choose For Your Sunglasses


Have you ever fallen in love with a certain style of sunglasses but haven’t been sure whether the color is the best choice for you? Different lens colors cater to different activities and lifestyles. Here’s a complete guide to help you pick the best lens color for your sunglasses:

Polarized lenses

If you love playing in the snow or being out in the water, it’s important to keep your eyes safe from the UV rays of the sun, as well as the glare of the sun’s rays reflecting off the snow and water. Polarized lenses can keep your eyes safe and improve your visual comfort.

Gray tint

Gray sunglasses are very popular since they’re suitable for both sunny and cloudy days. They’re a great choice for people who enjoy outdoor activities such as cycling and other active sports. People who love sightseeing also prefer gray lenses because it doesn’t affect how things are seen as much through the glasses.

Amber or brown

Amber or brown sunglasses are great for improving contrast, making them ideal for activities where you need to judge the distance between objects, such as driving, golfing, or fishing. Brown sunglasses can also provide visual comfort on sunny days and increase the contrast between blue skies and green landscapes.


Green-tinted sunglasses take all the best parts of gray and brown sunglasses and combine them together. Green lenses have much better contrast than gray and can transmit a high level of color accuracy in both low-light and sunny conditions. They’re great for field or water sports, skiing or cycling, and keeping your eyes protected on sunny and foggy days.


Yellow tints are often sported by outdoor enthusiasts who need a little extra help with focusing on moving objects in dim conditions. Gamers and pilots often prefer yellow lenses for better clarity and comfort.

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