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Get A Smooth Body Shave By Prepping In These 3 Ways

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A lot of people prefer to remove their body hair by shaving it off instead of going to a salon and getting it waxed or sugared. Sometimes, you just don’t have the time! While it can be an absolute treat to feel your silky smooth, freshly-shaven skin, the slightest mishaps can result in itchy, irritated, and painful skin.

Here are some ways to get a wonderfully smooth shave:

Take a warm shower or bath

Shaving your hair while your skin is dry can dramatically increase the chances of irritation and cuts. It also prevents you from removing dead skin cells, which is one of the main benefits of shaving. Save the shave for the end of your shower or bath, and make sure that you’ve spent at least 10 minutes soaking your skin in warm water to ensure that it’s soft enough for maximum exfoliation. You can use bath salts to help with the process and have a more enjoyable bath.


It’s crucial to exfoliate your skin now that it’s softened up to eliminate dead skin that might gunk up the razor and decrease its efficiency. Removing dead skin cells also helps discourage ingrown hair once the hair starts growing back out. Use a sugar scrub or brush to help you with the process.

Use proper shaving cream

People often believe that simply using soap and water will be enough to get a smooth shave, but soap might produce an astringent effect and dry your skin out. You need to have enough lubricant on your skin to help the razor glide down smoothly, or else you’re going to be left with nicks and cuts.

Use a gel or foam that’s specially formulated for shaving. You can also try using body oil or hair conditioner—just remember to wash your body again once you’re done so that the product doesn’t clog your pores.

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