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How To Prepare Your Toddler For A Day Out

A baby wearing a headband while in a car seat

Taking little kids on a day out is not easy, but it can be super fun if you prepare ahead and pack the right items. Toddlers are curious little beans who just want to learn about the world that’s within their reach.

While packing for a day out with your child, think about comfort and practicality. From travel-friendly games and accessories to the bag that carries everything, make sure everything you carry makes both your and your toddler’s life easier.

Here are some essentials to pack for a toddler’s day out:

Keep everything in one bag

While traveling with a toddler, the last thing you want is to lug around bulky bags. You need to keep your hands free so you can tend to your little one if they’re uncomfortable, overwhelmed, or just need to be changed. This is why it’s smarter to pack all your toddler’s travel essentials in one bag.

Our backseat organizer for toddlers is perfect for this since it has lots of pockets in different styles and sizes to keep everything secure. Plus, the organizer itself is colorful and features lots of cute animals. Great for keeping them distracted during long car rides.

A wooden tic-tac-toe game

Pack games to play on the go

Sitting in a car for a long period can make toddlers impatient and cranky. However, if they have something to keep them engaged and entertained, the whole ride will go by breezily. Our travel-friendly tik-tac-toe game is a toddler-friendly spin on the pen-and-paper classic. Not only will it teach your little one useful skills like strategy and problem-solving, but the dragonflies and ladybugs are also super fun to get imaginative with.

Invest in their safety

Is your child always turning their head to the side or falling asleep with their neck twisted in an uncomfortable position? You may want to get something to stabilize your head in a moving car. Use our baby head support band to ensure your child’s head stays steady and comfortable in the car seat.

The strap and buckle of this elastic band are easy to adjust. Just fasten the strap over your child’s forehead and the top of their stroller or car seat, and their head will remain in a natural, upright position while they sleep.

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