Practical Tips to Mix and Match Kids’ Outfits

Calling all parents: it’s time to become your kids’ favorite stylist! Every parent loves dressing up their child to the nines—and one of the best ways to do it is by coordinating the color and design of their clothes. Once you’ve perfected the art of mixing and matching your kids’ outfits, your little ones will look absolutely fab.

With this in mind, here are some of our favorite practical tips to mix and match kids’ outfits. Enjoy!

1. Stick to Neutral-Colored Bottoms as a Base

The secret to mixing and matching kids’ outfits is picking neutral-colored bottoms. Whether you’re dressing them in dresses, jeans, or shorts, neutral colors like black, navy, or gray are the ideal base to pair all kinds of tops, shoes, and accessories. Think about all the different colors and designs you can match with a pair of classic denim jeans for kids. The possibilities are endless!

2. Invest in Statement Tops

Statement tops are a must-have for parents looking to mix and match kids’ outfits! We’re talking t-shirts with cute cartoons, witty captions on hoodies, and bold colors to liven up your little one’s outfit.

The trick is to stick to neutral-colored bottoms and go for a pair of shoes that match the color of the top if possible. If you aren’t dressing them in neutral-colored bottoms, we recommend choosing a top that complements the color of the bottoms. For instance, yellow tops go great with emerald green bottoms, as these colors are complementary.

3. Take Things Up a Notch with Cool Accessories

Struggling to mix and match kids’ outfits? Why not tie everything together with some cool accessories? Accessories like hats, sunglasses, or jewelry can be used to tie even the simplest kids’ outfits together.

For example, if you’ve cycled through your child’s wardrobe and tried all the possible clothing combinations, something as simple as a cool watch or a bright hairclip can freshen up a look you’ve used before. It’s also worth looking at accessories your kids will carry, like this adorable fruit feed pacifier, to add a splash of color when you’re mixing and matching their outfits!

4. Use Classic Color Combinations for Layering

One of the most common ways to mix and match kids’ outfits is by layering multiple pieces in complementary colors and designs. The weather looks to continue being cold in most parts of the country, so it’s worth sticking to a classic combination like bottoms, socks, tops, and jackets/hoodies.

Some of our favorite color combinations include vibrant hoodies and socks with neutral-colored tops and bottoms. Alternatively, dress your child in a colorful top beneath a plain hoodie and finish the look with a cute accessory like this adorable pink digital watch!

A pink kids’ watch

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